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在亚马逊,创新精神是我们DNA的一部分。 我们致力于招聘来自世界各地大学的优秀人才,并且我们为来自不同背景的学生提供各种技术和非技术的职业机会。 亚马逊的客户有着不同的性别认同,种族,能力,年龄,宗教,性取向,军事地位,背景和政治观点。 我们认为,通过亚马逊员工反映以上这些多样性是至关重要的,这有助于我们成为地球上最以客户为中心的公司。

亚马逊为本科和研究生在校生提供各种实习和全职机会,包括软件开发工程师(SDE),技术支持工程师,产品经理,运营经理,应用科学家,供应商经理,云技术支持人员, 销售运营专员,财务分析师等。 校园招聘需求来自亚马逊的多个团队,包括亚马逊云计算服务团队(AWS),零售团队,智能硬件团队,财务团队,法务团队,运营和招聘团队。

入职后,你将与同事和领导一起从事有意义的工作。你所参与的项目,计划和服务都将会影响亚马逊数百万的客户。 在亚马逊,你有机会掌控自己的发展,职业规划和未来计划,从而实现自己的目标。




Software Development Engineer Graduate – 2022 Dublin

职位 ID: 1694118 | Amazon DS Ireland Limited


Do you want to solve business challenges through innovative technology? Do you enjoy working on cutting-edge, scalable services technology in a team environment? Do you like working on industry-defining projects that move the needle?

At Amazon, we hire the best minds in technology to innovate and build on behalf of our customers. The intense focus we have on our customers is why we are one of the world’s most beloved brands – customer obsession is part of our company DNA. Our Software Development Engineers (SDEs) use cutting-edge technology to solve complex problems and get to see the impact of their work first-hand.

The challenges SDEs solve for at Amazon are big and impact millions of customers, sellers, and products around the world. We’re looking for individuals who are excited by the idea of creating new products, features, and services from scratch while managing ambiguity and the pace of a company whose ship cycles are measured in weeks, not years.

If this is you, come chart your own path at Amazon!

To qualify, applicants should have earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree within the last six months or be on track to earn their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree prior to the role start date.

· Collaborate with experienced cross-disciplinary Amazonians to conceive, design, and bring to market innovative products and services.
· Design and build innovative technologies in a large distributed computing environment and help lead fundamental changes in the industry.
· Create solutions to run predictions on distributed systems with exposure to innovative technologies at incredible scale and speed.
· Build distributed storage, index, and query systems that are scalable, fault-tolerant, low cost, and easy to manage/use.
· Ability to design and code the right solutions starting with broadly defined problems.
· Work in an agile environment to deliver high quality software.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. For an update on your status, or to confirm your application was submitted successfully, please login to your candidate portal. Please note that Amazon works with a high volume of applicants. We appreciate your patience as we review applications for future Amazonians!

Our start dates: January – September/October. You can complete the recruitment process while still studying considering that you will graduate and join before October.


· Graduated less than six months ago or about to complete a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related fields at time of application
· Although no specific programming language is required – you should be familiar with the syntax of languages such as Java, C/C++, or Python
· Knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals such as object-oriented design, algorithm design, data structures, problem solving and complexity analysis


· Previous technical internship(s)
· Experience with distributed, multi-tiered systems, algorithms, and relational databases
· Experience in optimization mathematics such as linear programming and nonlinear optimization
· Ability to effectively articulate technical challenges and solutions
· Adept at handling ambiguous or undefined problems as well as ability to think abstractly
Amazon is an equal opportunities employer. We believe passionately that employing a diverse workforce is central to our success. We make recruiting decisions based on your experience and skills. We value your passion to discover, invent, simplify and build.
Protecting your privacy and the security of your data is a longstanding top priority for Amazon. Please consult our Privacy Notice to know more about how we collect, use and transfer the personal data of our candidates.
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